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In today's economy, information is the lifeline of any business. Industries can thrive in today's hyper-competitive market only by continuously improving and re-inventing.They have to learn to re-skill their services to meet the demands of the customers. Speed, flexibility and transparency of communication will be the deciding factors in the success of any organization.
Industries are moving towards a new, more complex bottom line in which profit, environmental concern and social responsibility will have to be balanced.
Pragati Industrial Park is an answer to growing needs to small and mid size industries willing to expand their business without adding much of financial burdens.

Designed with the right facilities & amenities to provide an ideal industrial working environment with convenience and comforts.

PIP offers prime-grade and site developed lots in a variety of sizes that can cater to small -to- medium- scale facilities for light industry and manufacturing operations. A strategic location, an efficient layout and supported by appropriate facilities and services help enable business, manufacturing, and other types of operations to build hassle-free and stabilize their businesses over the long-term.
The project is also an ideal investment to the needs of the back-end business of various industries (assembly and contract manufacturing), and support/allied industries. This will allow the suppliers or partners of multinational and local companies to be located near their customers, an important requirement to enhance the coordination between buyers and suppliers.
PIP also offers end to end solutions from design to construction of specific types of facilities (light-industrial, manufacturing, business process outsourcing, etc.) that can be tailor fitted to specific business needs.

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